April 29, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA

Hard Rock Cafe

7 hours later...it's now daylight. After driving through some mountain tunnels, we finally see those beautiful yellow steel bridges that connect one of our favorite cities...PITTSBURGH!

Our friend Kathryn Heidemann was kind enough to loan us her house while she visit friends in VA. We were sad she and her turkey bacon wouldn't be there to hang out with us, but super excited to stay in a nice big house! When we rolled up to her place it was very early in the morning and we were all tired. K noticed some people standing on their doorsteps in bathrobes and the sound of one woman singing quite loudly. He thought this was odd given the time of day and when he saw a grey cloud swing so low to the street he made up his mind that this town was weird. Kathryn lives in a strange neighborhood.

It wasn't until he came back outside for a pillow that he realized what was ACTUALLY going on. That wasn't a "cloud" it was a billow of black smoke and the person "singing" was actually yelling for help. A house on the corner was on fire!!!

Still...we were too tired so we all stayed in bed....K was out there taking pics. By the time we woke up the house looked like this:

Pat and K had taken a drive to see the house Pat's Grandma lived in, (which was much better off than that other poor house)....

Grammy Felicia lived there till Pat was 10 years old and he had fond memories of feeding her birds and running around the backyard peeing on stuff. Now, if you look to your left, you'll see his Aunt Sal and Unc's house.....another childhood haunt of Pat's.

Activities in THIS particular house included, but were not limited to, stealing candy out of the candy jar and fetching his Dad beers from the fridge at age 3. Dino proudly takes the credit for Pat's first learned "skills" in eye-hand coordination and hospitality.

Meanwhile back at the Heidemann Ranch, Zac and I were writing a new song and waiting for the guys so we could start running around Frick Park. This place has a million different trails and lots of hills. We managed to find our way back without having to eat each other so overall, a good run. We ate Kathryn's peanut butter, took showers, and went to the club. Parking around Harvard Station was tricky and we didn't like the tone of this particular sign...

Who do these signs think they are???! The Blaze is from NYC and doesn't take shit from ANYone...let alone this bossy piece of metal. You know what??


Since we're not sure how ballsy the local Police are (they might not know who they're dealing with), Zac kept an eye on her...

After meeting up with DOnora and Maraige Blanc we got set up and headed to the liqour store to meet yet ANOTHER new member of the Burnett's Family:

PEACH (a.k.a. "Elizabeth Reed")****

**** We decided upon this name through the following schemas:
Peach-> eat a peach -> Duane Allman-> Allman Brothers Band -> "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" -> Elizabeth Reed

At the show we had our friends Ange, Cindy, Dani, Keli, Ashley, and Scott....but the guest of honor was Scott and Sarah's baby Wyatt!

He loved the show, but slept right through the 2nd half...how does that happen???

Our friends DONORA came up next and sounded A-MAZE-ING. Love that band:

After the show we all went back to Kathryn's and threw the SICKEST house party Pittsburgh's ever seen.......you could barely walk through the house without rubbing elbows with some hilariously drunk, under-aged college kid.
(just kidding Kathryn)
We were so tired and amped for brunch the next day that we just went back home to sleep....kinda like Christmas Eve....the sooner you go to bed the sooner Santa Clause comes. But in this case, the sooner JC resurrects...



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