April 23, 2009

Jon Bon Jovi! (kinda)

Pat's friend Matt Saldivar is an actor in that Broadway show "The Toxic Avenger" so he got tickets to the opening night party. He brought Zimmer...some of you may remember him from Blog's passed....and here they are enjoying a fancy NY evening.

The best part was getting to meet Jon Bon Jovi at this afterparty. His keyboardist, Tico Torres, is a musician and composer on The Toxic Avenger. They were able to snap a photo with the Jersey juju....

When it came time to grab a shot with Bon Jovi, or "J-Bon" as Pat affectionately calls him, they were interrupted by Susan Boyle who insisted J-Bon do some car bombs with her....


The next morning we all met in Brooklyn for a photo shoot with Anna White. We had some food at Ella's then walked around a bit. it was pretty fucking cold for an April day so we all wanted to quit super early but our friends from the label forced us on. Thom, the production manager at Ryko, handed Pat an empty Banana Peel. He told Pat that if he would just stop bitching about the weather like a little girl, the next one MIGHT have something inside it.

Then he stormed off muttering insults under his breath with a devilish grin while Pat searched for a Medi-Fast Bar or at LEAST something to say in his defense.

Clearly unable to protect himself or think clearly with his meager E-BAY trappings; I decided to step in.

NO body puts Panda in a corner! (or gives him a barren banana) Through a series of "dirty looks" and "NOT jokes" i was able to avenge Pat's disgrace. Thom looked to RYKO's designer, Jaime, for help, but she was too busy trying to get K out of his favorite striped sweater. After a long, cold, day for everyone involved we decided to put something warm in our bellys at The Levee on N3rd.


Pat, Zac, and K got the special $4 PBR w/ shot of whiskey. (Those who know me know that i don't drink beer or whiskey. I stick to vodka) So I opted for something a little edgier...the Creamsicle. It's got vanilla vodka and orange soda. The bartender bet me a shot of choice that i couldn't eat JUST ONE cheese ball throughout the whole day. I won. By 4pm i was feeling good enough to show off my new underwear....

...by 4:05pm we were asked to leave.

We'll post some pics from the photo shoot when we get 'em!



Anonymous :) said...

dude, bon jovi's keyboard player and music composer is David Bryan, just look again at this pic, does he look as latino? :P
Tico Torres is a drummer.

June 23, 2009 at 12:24 PM  
Blogger jupiterone said...

we were "making a funny"....but thanks for offering the help!

June 23, 2009 at 3:15 PM  

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