April 23, 2009

Montgomery, WV

WV Tech

Out of the bustling NY streets and into the countryside once again....

We stopped at a service area when we heard the sounds of a taunting, laughter...it was un-human..half-robotic and half-otherworldly. Whatever it was it was getting closer and we were frightened. We looked behind us and saw nothing....

Suddenly we loked forward and saw a Transformer headed right for us! My God!

Some locals were running towards it to aid us in our escape. As we raced away, we noticed it wasn't a Transformer at all. It was just a truck.

Those people were getting inside it.


K has been practicing his drawing lately as exemplified by this portrait of the Silverblaze in Montana...

..and this portrait of me using Cecil. I've been given the name "Screen-O" for my propensity to cell phone, computer, and iPod screens.

I believe this whole thing was inspired by a portrait of K drawn by a fan in Atlanta....

We started driving through some heavily wooded areas with creeks and nature-type stuff...

eventually we passsed by this super weird "Believe It Or Not" type freak show place....

After a few more miles of this we stumbled upon a small town. civilization!

Houses built on hills....

....local symbols anticipating the arrival of Easter...

...and cars with never-before-seen colors.

Besides the "FRED'S DEER URINE FARM" we saw, which had a lone Deer, chained by the ankle, and awaiting its next bladder purge for the sake of Hunters, we had a pretty uneventful, yet scenic, drive.

The kids at WV Tech were enthusiatic and displayed some interesting dance moves...ones we shan't soon forget.

Driving back through the forest that night was interesting as we tried to find the hotel...not really sure what this is a pic of, but it's blurry and kind of cool.



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