April 25, 2009

Newport, KY

The SouthGate House
We woke up this morning excited to get through the KY border. As you know we are huge Burnett's vodka fans and it's distributed out of Bardstown, KY. Let's take a tour of the distillery! We can't wait. We just know that the Burnett's people would be THRILLED to have Jupiter One in their factory. We'll get to see some sights, maybe sign a few autographs, be inducted into the Burnett's Flavored Vodka Hall of Fame.....who knows?!

And we never will. Cuz no one called Pat back :(

Oh well...maybe they didn't get the message...we'll try next time. We had a long drive to Newport so we got acquainted with two new members of the Burnett's family.

1. Coconut

As per J-1 tradition we give them our own endearing names. This flavor is known as "CoCo Beware" in honor of the famed wrestler below....


our second newest member of the family is...

2. Sweet Tea (simply known as "Sweetie")

I hate to offend Sweetie, but she tasted God awful....we doubt she'll be spending anymore time with us in the Blaze.

We also brought back one of our old friends Watermelon!

We named her "Melly-Mel" as a tribute to our Florida friend, Helen. She also goes by "HelensMellons" and we miss her!

Something that came to our attention on this drive was the amount of churches we'd see. On any given street you could find at least 8-10 churches of your choice. For some stretches of road residential housing was converted to churches too....

They were as frequent as a bodega in Brooklyn...speaking of which, we drove through WILLIAMSBURGH and felt nostalgic...

Until we realized just how different WILLIAMSBURGH, Kentucky was from its Brooklyn namesake....

After driving over some cool bridges we wound up in Newport and searched for a coffee shop. We stumbled upon this great place called YORK ST. CAFE and made it our home for the next couple hours.

Diane seemed to be totally fine with a random band reading trivial pursuit cards and eating pie all day....

5 hours later we decided to leave our new friends and get over to the club...

Pat had to make some calls and I had some bridges to run over....

Zac was having drinks with the locals and K was at a Pre-Natal Workshop in the yoga center around the corner...(he heard they were serving free snacks). Here's some shots of the show...thanks Libby!

Keith Urban on Bass!

The rest of the night was really funny and I'm so pissed we left Lois, our camera, in the Blaze. There are 3 floors to this haunted house venue (the tommy gun was made here)...

...and in the bottom bar we heard the music of a local country/rock/blues band playing ALL SORTS of shit. By the time our set ended, it was late and everyone was trashed. I sat in to play a Johnny Cash tune...K grabbed his fiddle and played some bluegrass, then I asked Andy King if we could play some music by THE BAND. Pat heard the words "Don't Do It" and quickly stepped up to play bass. We had a great time stumbling our way through all these tunes and Jupiter One's rhythm section had hijacked Andy King's "Kentucky Cash Crop."

Andy is one of those guys who plays every instrument and knows most every song. He didn't mind us playing with him all night until Pat and I started plowing through Led Zeppelin's "Rock n Roll." He then got on the mic and said, "What the hell can we play after THAT song?!" Andy and his boys were the shit. We played a lot of southern rock through the morning hours and finally packed up our stuff. We were sleeping at a friend's house and they waited up to make us pizza. The best news we'd gotten all month!

Over and out from the Blaze...



Anonymous Jackie said...

the rest of the night was really funny :) I just noticed that you can leave comments. By the way, Libby shot the pictures that are posted not me.

April 26, 2009 at 5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i plan on being CoCo Beware for Halloween and did the old Google image search and discovered a new band thats totally rad. Thanks Google!

October 5, 2010 at 11:39 AM  
Blogger jupiterone said...

hahahah that's amazing! and a great costume idea...post a pic on our facebook page when you get all dolled up. www.facebook.com/JupiterOne

October 6, 2010 at 11:15 PM  

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