April 29, 2009

Louisvile, KY

The Space on 6th & Oak

We woke up in the most perfect sleeping situation. A whole attic designed for a band....there was a bed and plenty of floor space for us to do whatever while the upper echelon go about their business throughout the main section of the house. When it was time to get up we all went to the living room to say good morning to our gracious hosts. Jen had gotten up for work at 7am but was home by the time we came down. Proud of that girl....must've been rough :(

We basically hung about watching youtube clips on "bullshit storms" and drank coffee.

Nothing out of the ordinary...UNTIL....we walked into jen's bedroom, through the walk-in closet, and discovered an alcove dedicated to her own personal army of Transformers?!?!?!

For those of you who don't know; TRANSFORMERS are one of the few things in this tangible world that give K great joy. So we weren't surprised to find him in the closet 2 hours later....

We needed to get on the road for Louisville so we sadly left our new friends. Thanks Jenn, Kate, and Stef!

Nice day for a drive in Ohio...

Not so much in Kentucky....

We kept our local superhero "FESTO" busy with some bio-degradable trash ammunition....always searching for strips of land to discard Blaze banana peels (doesn't count as litter if it lands on soil)....

We also came across some mysterious outer space machines....

K got a call from the Striped Sweater Coalition (SSC) thanking him for his unfailing support and noble effort in bringing stripes to the forefront of high fashion sense across the country. Should he succeed in boosting Striped Sweater Sales in middle America he'll receive a free subscription to "Women's Health" magazine...he's excited!!! Hell, we ALL are.

We made a stop off Bardstown Ave to get Coffee and Glow-In-The-Dark Unicorn stickers. The coffee was rad....

...and the stickers were magical. They live on my floor tom at the moment...

Right beside our table was a bucket full of toys! K's lucky day!!!

In the adjoining bookstore Pat found a handheld version of the Constitution which he promptly bought for the freedom loving Jeff Taylor. Zac, who knows my favorite author, very kindly bought me the latest collection of Kurt Vonnegut's works. And K bought his wife a birthday card. I'm the only Dbag who bought nothing for anyone :(

It was about load-in time so we followed the Moonshine Truckā„¢ to see about getting some for the show...

Once we were at The Space we got to meet Jeb and his lady friend Bess Such a rad couple! They live in the house attached to the art space and they're super smart/talented. Bess had just finished watching the documentary "Flow" and she suggests we all do the same. Make a note of it. We had a real good time hanging out with them (in between hanging out with "Melly-Mel" in the Blaze).

We also just got the new EP by Phoenix called "Wolfgnag Amadeus Phoenix" so although it was dark and gloomy outside we kept things alive blasting "1901" a million times. THANKS ELYSE!

The show was fun and our friend Kevin Magner REALLY hooked it up with a fresh bottle of whiskey JUST for us! ( *ahem* or apparently just for Zac as the night progressed) Afterwards we said our goodbyes and headed straight for Pittsburgh...it was gonna be a long night...



Anonymous stef said...

it was really cool getting to meet and hang out with you guys after the newport show. hope you come back to the cincinnati area soon! :)

May 3, 2009 at 4:01 PM  

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