May 5, 2009

Columbus, OH

Cafe Bourbon Street

Beau and K came home from the Frothy Monkey to find Pat and I doing some Denise Austin Pilates....(she's got big creepy eyes and she doesn't sweat)

Beau was showing off one of his new musical toys while K learned some recording tricks.....

Thanks for letting us use your house Beau! Sorry we re-arranged all the furniture.....We had to hit the road fast cuz our next stop was....DINOSAUR WORLD!

Not really. Though I wish it was...we would've had some AMAZING/freakishly-sad pics to show you. The reason we had to hit the road for real, was that Raina had dinner waiting for us in Columbus, OH. A meal is something we take seriously. Especially when it's a BUCKEYE pizza and homemade salad....

We dined on the porch like true Ohio gentlemen.....

As their nieghbor, Stan, tried seducing young boys with cold beer.

But not just ANY beer...we're talking top of the line stuff here....

We were each allowed ONE slice of more.

Raina had claimed MOST of the pie for herself...can you believe that shit??

Eventually we left the home of Raina and Channing (thanks for dinner girls!) and drove to Cafe Bourbon St.

We found our friends Libby and Jackie waiting there ...just staring at the "Extreme Wieners."

When Raina came to the club she found me in the van freaking out to the Fly GOlden Eagle record....

Here's some footage of the drive down (w/a cameo by my tiny little cousins in Philly).....

We also saw this store and thought of "Cousin Dennis"...

The coolest thing about CBS are its walls....

Monolithic CLoud Parade opened the night and then we got on stage....

I spotted a very special someone in the audience and had to get on the mic to ask that Mick Fleetwood come to the stage...he's a hero of mine!

He hung out to make sure Zac tuned his guitar.....which we appreciated.

The only thing strange about this, was that it's the 1980 version of Mick Fleetwood.

Seriously though....check that out!

After our set The Wet Darlings came on and dedicated "Reckoner" to us....thanks!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that looks nothing like mick fleetwood. jesus, maybe. Mick, no.

May 12, 2009 at 10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hypnotizing jesus

May 12, 2009 at 10:38 PM  

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