May 5, 2009

Nashville, TN

12th & Porter

We woke up started the drive to Nashville, TN

The students at the show were great and we mean no disrespect, but it's hard to drive around the deep south when the backs of trucks are constantly scolding you...

At least we had plenty of good reading to divert our attention...

I will say charming houses like this one make the drive more bearable...this is where Zac will eventually move someday

We knew we arrived to Nashville when we saw the massive guitar icons all over the this one for example

We got to the club for soundcheck and then headed to a liquor store to pick up 2 new members of the Burnett's family:

1. Pomegranate (a.k.a. Brandi)
It's filled with anti-oxidants...a healthy liquor! Pom Poms made us think of a cheerleader...Brandi...OBViously with an "i"....duh.

2. Mango (a.k.a. Mango ManGonaughey)

NOw this one has to be my favorite to drink ONLY because i crack up everytime someone says, "Hey man...can you pass ManGonaughey?" In fact, I'm laughing even now as I type this. Mathew McConaughey is so hilarious to us. He's got this slow Open Mouth to Grin technique that he uses in every movie. We've perfected it. The whole "I love taking my shirt off" thing is an obvious choice...but what really gets us...what REALLY makes us sit down and just think for a long time on this his clothing line. "JK Livin'" The "J" stands for "Just" and the "K" for "Keep." It's sort of his "mantra" and philospohy..."Just Keep Livin'." So if you were ever to ask Matt something to the affect of, "Hey Matt. How are you doing? It seems like times are pretty rough right now and i'm concerned about losing my job." He would reply, "JK Livin' Man."

Which, as Zac pointed out, really doesn't mean ANYthing. Of COURSE we'll keep Livin'. Do we have a choice?! I'm sorry Mr. McConaughey, but you telling us to "just Keep Livin'" isn't exactly helping us here. Can you give me SOMEthing else to chew on? ANYthing else...For a true laugh you must visit his website. I dare you not to laugh as you utter the words, "Is this for real??" Make sure you have the volume up so you can hear the Dub Reggae as he urges you to "Enter EASY..." or "Enter REAL EASY..."

It's a shame that we all hung out in the van getting so well acquainted with Brandi and Mango ManGonaughey, because we just forgot about Lois and left her all alone in Swan Station.

Can't believe we didn't get pics because this bar was filled wth the most beautiful people in Nashville and the bands were fresh to death! Sometimes you gotta just put the camera down and live in the present.

Please check them out when you can....



We had a great time..caught up with our friend Diana...and went back to Beau's house for some sleep



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