May 4, 2009

Wise, VA

University of VA

Back on the road and into the country.....we had to leave at about 3am for this show, so Zac took the first night shift while we all slept. By daybreak, K had gotten out of the van and said, "I'm feeling pretty good....I can drive!"

Finally Zac could get some rest.....

Now for those who don't know, K can usually last a good 20-30 minutes before he starts falling asleep at the wheel. On a good night he can go up to one full hour!

This was not one of those days.....after 20 minutes he called me in the Panda tank to ask if I could drive.

Naturally I had to decline, cuz I was busy writing this BLOG...

Pat hopped in the captain's doubt to drive us the rest of the way there...he's an animal.

He's also the only guy who can lose Megatron whenever he's on our tail....happens more than you think.

I'm always amazed how quickly we can go from looking out the window and seeing this: this:

Cabs to Cows....

We all needed to take in some sights and contribute to nature....


This college is straight, legit country....

The most "urban" setting we could find was this factory in the middle of a valley....

probably a "Stick Factory." Must be where all the locals were getting the sticks they'd wave at us from their drive ways. Seriously....we kept seeing all these kids and old people waving long sticks at us as we drove through the hills...totally weird.

We got to the University, made sure Gordon was comfortable, and then received escorts to the school cafeteria.

Up to this point, we've all been eating peanuts and water so we took advantage of the room full of food. We all over ate and it got pretty ugly when K was given $1.50 to eat a Pear with Mayonnaise wrapped in Lettuce.

These students obviously didn't know K is a fearless eater....

I ran laps around this clock to see how many it took for me to puke.....

I even tried working off the food before we luck. Still felt gross....ACTUAL food can be a shock to your system.

The sun was setting which meant it was time to play...

No pics from the show, but we had fun and just took it back to the hotel that night....



Blogger Kim H said...

i love your songs =]

June 2, 2009 at 5:42 PM  

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