November 14, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 20)

Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar

We all went home to sleep in our own beds after the Danbury show since Philly is so close. On our way down, we stopped by 105.7 to do a studio recording for the radio station....

We played "Flaming Arrow" and "Made In A Day"....
...featuring me on table....
...and Pat on rhythmic iPhone text...
We had a good time and we wanna thank the DJs for their dedicated camera work....

Thanks for the session guys. We were also very impressed to see you can accomodate In-Studio Hernia checks...
Today is a busy one....we have to get down to my cousins garage by 3pm to fix that side-view mirror. He owns a shop on Torresdale Avenue in Philly and ALWAYS takes care of the Blaze whenever she's sick or hungry.
Or, in this case, whenever she's been jumped by a couple of hoodlums in Brooklyn :(

As soon as we got to Millevoi Bros., we gave Nick a hug and a t-shirt.....
....and then HE gave US the Super, Parascopic, Heavy Duty, Side-Mirror 7000.....

It was definitely an UPgrade so now the Blaze looks a little goofy with one side more hi-tech than the other, but it's cool. Now she's kinda like Bionic-Blaze.
Pat threw some new wipers on her too. Now we can see through ANY shit storm, the cars behind us, and even into the future.
Thanks for setting us up cousin Nick! (Our A/C just broke so we'll be seeing you again soon)
Off we go to the North Star Bar...we get to play with our friends ME AND MY ARROW again :)
(the "Health Nut" corner in Philly)

There's Jacob in the parking lot....
They spent the night at this guy's house from last night's show in CT. I can imagine it being an interesting place to sleep cuz I heard that guy use the following pick-up line (twice):
"Nice pants. Wanna fuck?" I'm just glad they got breakfast out of it....

We loaded into the club, walked to a shady joint for some "PTD Approved" vodka (passion fruit A.K.A. "Burning Man"), and mused on life in the van.
My sister and bro-in-law showed up with a Funfetti Cake from my Mom...
This is the same sister that made a legit Jupiter One Concert T-Shirt for my 1 year old nephew... pretty bad ass:
Back to the cake business...We quickly made a wish, blew out the candles, and served it up to all the hungry musicians in the club...thanks for bringing it our way Susan and Jeff!
Our wish came true! A very generous fan showed up with his lady to buy us all shots and drinks....thanks Matt and Dana :)
And not a moment too soon. My cousin Erica and her friends just showed we can embarrass the whole family!
Thanks to the generous flow of alcohol (even my Aunt Annie came to the show bearing some gifts) we put on an extremely fun/drunken show. But you couldn't tell...until we tried walking OFF the stage. And that was ME AND MY ARROW's doing....thanks for the round guys >:(
There's a review with pics of the show HERE

Special thanks to Kristina Luland, Rick Flederbach, Alison Yard Medland, Jenny Kraemer, Martin Dominguez, Stephanie "Toni Toni Toni" Patrizio, Sean Qaisaunnee, and Sharon Sable for coming out to help Pat celebrate his b-day with me...see you in January Philly! (Jan. 9th @ North Star Bar)

At the end of the night we needed to get back home to NYC and we were all in NO shape to you can see here:
Luckily Liz, a friend of ours and part-time angel, showed up. She lives in my neighborhood and drove us all the way home through the night.
FUN FACT: Liz Long designs recyclable bags (Bag The Habit) and made an appearance in our Music Video for "Made In A Day."

Thanks again Liz :)



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