November 15, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 21)

NYC @ Mercury Lounge (CMJ Birthday Show)

We woke up the next morning feeling like a long-eared taxi just dragged us up a cliff by our ankles....tonight was our CMJ showcase at Mercury Lounge and a bunch of friends were coming to celebrate our birthdays so we NEEDED to rally. Mine is October 23rd and Pat's is the 24th, but we'll be in the van driving towards the West Coast on those days, so tonight's the night for celebration....we kicked things off at one of Pat's favorite haunts, No Malice Palace....
Among some of the amazing friends that hung that night was our favorite manager Ryan....he got us Sumo Thumb Wrestlers!
(that's our boy Aaron Zimmer in the back. classy as ever)
These bar tenders are on the highest spot on the highest list of the highest person in charge of making really high lists.....
This is Jake.

This is Ron.

I say this because they bought EVERY single person in that bar a shot....

We were very happy to see all our friends, flattered by the party decorations, and hungry for the gifts.....
But we had to go play a show at Mercury Lounge....and there we'd find MORE presents to be thirsty for....compliments of our favorite Swedes :)
(Fun Fact: You'll also see Elinor in the "Made In A Day" Music Video)

Thanks to everyone who came to the show!
We had a good time, but then around 3am reality set in that we had to drive to California in the morning.....One thing was make that drive a WHOLE lot easier.....thanks for the goodie bags and birthday balloons Christina! Oh! and the Simpler Times beers... they'll hurt in the morning... and leave us thinking... "Remember when it was simpler times??"
Thanks for hanging with us you!



Anonymous Berette said...

The bed flying antics are always a treat, and the music is kickin'!

now that i'm back on US soil - i hope to finally see you all on stage one of these days...

light, progress, and much fun


November 19, 2009 at 10:31 AM  

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