November 18, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 23)

Westward Bound (Dave's Birthday)

So we woke up the next morning....

...still laughing at Doogie Howser as a "bad ass".... but now we had to get to Cali and we're only in fucking PENNSYLVANIA! After putting Los Angeles in as our destination, even Georgine had NO idea when we'd get there...
Nothing to do....but drive. So we did. All day.
And by "we" I mean Zac and Pat...
They've formed their own little driving team called "The Lightning Bandits," where Pat is "Panda" and Zac is "The Cat."
I just watch for storm systems to chase....
Not much else happened.....By the time it hit midnight we were in Missouri and it was officially my birthday! Time to make some calls...gotta find a local bar that's "happening."

We quickly pulled off to a shady hotel and went straight to the weirdy bowling alley bar for a PIZZA PARTY! Only like 2 locals in there playing awful country...not sure if they appreciated my domination of the jukebox, but....who cares. It's my birthday. (boosh)

We were eating, drinking, and listening to Led Zeppelin all night....
Thanks for all the fruity drinks guys!



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