November 18, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 24)

Westward Bound (Dave AND Pat's B-day)
We woke up in the morning and got back on the road....Pat always makes fun of me for taking so many sunset pics, but today's my birthday. I can take AS MANY AS I WANT!
(thanks for the card Jack!)

Zac wanted to write some new music....but the acoustic guitar is buried in the back. Give up? Hell no! Zac gets what he wants...I don't know hot to make a "gif" so just look at these real fast and pretend you can see the action.....
There's only an hour left of my Birthday! Time to eat the Cupcake Laura bought me...
And now....we hand off the birthday torch to Pat.
Happy Birthday Pat!!!
We stopped off at a TARGET earlier and I picked him up some presents.......nothing says rock 'n' roll like some Ginger Tea and Pilates Workout Bands!
We decided Amarillo, TX was just as good a place as any to pull over and celebrate Panda's birth.....(we wound up pulling over for a speeding ticket first), but THEN we pulled over for some fun....after another round of my specialized cold-calling technique for "happening" bars:

We settled on a place called "DUKE TRACY's,"
Pat should blend RIGHT in with the "No Gang Colors" policy...

What lied behind those one knew. But what we found was a TX dive bar paradise!
I knew right away we had found the place....this was perfect. The dance floor was alternating every 20 minutes between country Kareoke and Booty Bass Club Music.....inter-racial dancing on one side of the room while racist skin heads played pool on the other.....this was a room FILLED with tension and good times!
The rest of the guys weren't convinced....
...but give them a few whiskeys with a burrito and all is well...
We even helped this nice girl Kaci win a bet....
Apparently her and some friends were gambling on one of two things. We were either musicians.... or gay. Turns out Kaci is a Chiropractor and Pat needed an we felt it only fair that since we won her some $$, she hook him up with some back-cracks in the morning.

Things started to pick up at the bar just before last call and you can really see some folks workin' the floor...(* see video)

Alas, we were finally kicked out with the rest of the Amarillo socialites and sent to our lodging of choice.....
Now THAT's how you have an Amarillo B-Day....Cheers to us.



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