November 18, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 25)

Westward Bound (Pat's B-day!)
Okay. It's the morning. You ready for some serious spinal movement, Pat?!
Kaci made good on her promise for Pat's birthday present.....She was great and anyone in the Amarillo, TX area looking for some adjusting should give her a call!
Now Pat was feeling like he could take on the open road again for a couple more days...
One of Pat's closest friends and former employers, Jim, is a trucker....he and his girlfriend, Amy, travel around the country all year round. Occasionally, we'll be able to cross is one of those days and it MUST be fate cuz it's Pat's birthday and yesterday was JIM's birthday (also mine). Apparently, the best bass player of our lifetime likes Oct. 23rd babies the mostest.
We figured out which rest stop to meet him and gave his truck a free check-up....
Yup. All clear. Good seeing you guys!
We got back on the road, but the Birthday Boy needed a pick-me-up.....
Really? At the DQ?
Best Birthday lunch ever!
At this point Pat was all hopped up on Burgers and Blizzards.....we were lookin for some trouble.... seeeerrrrioussss trouble!
"Wait. Pat....what's that up ahead???"
"It looks like a....wait....looks like...."
" a TRAAAAAIN! Let's race it!!!!"

Now that we'd made it clear the SilverBlaze could NOT be beat, we stopped off to grab the new Flaming Lips record to simmer down...
We took the rest of the drive a little easy......
Pat's birthday was coming to an end...while he counted the FB birthday wishes, to see which one of us had more,
...we got ourselves to an Arizona hotel.....Grand Canyon in the morning!!!

Happy Birthday Pat....we crossed a couple time zones and celebrated our birthdays together for 51 you!



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