December 12, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 29)

Greek Theatre // Los Angeles, CA
Dave and I woke up at a Super 8 on Sunset Strip (classssssayyyy) and went to Brite Spot to meet my friend Tony Crowe for some breakfast snacks. Tony is hilarious. He almost made my omelet come out of my nose. He and I used to work together in Boston for a guy named Tom Love. (Tom Love is the voice behind Van Pilates... ah.) Zac showed up and we took off for the GREEK THEATRE!

The Greek is an amazing outdoor joint in LA that makes you feel like you're in some other country. One where they have woodland nymphs and fur wearing centaurs... Here are some pics:

I was so excited my hair turned purple.

Its almost time for us to start! Let's go peek at the audience.... Oh.

Kidding! Of course every one of the 6000 seats had asses in them when we hit the stage! Right before we went on K bestowed the greatest gift any man has ever given any other man in the history of California. He made Dave a ridiculous beat-machine-slash-microphone-rap-superhero-device. Its called the MAN/MACHINE!
Dave went into overdrive. Freestyle rapping up and down everybody he came across. It was intense. He positioned himself atop the VIP entrance stairs and forcefully rapped in the faces of all VIPs, including:

Glenn Howerton from "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia!" One of Dave's heros. Pure. Magic.

Check Glenn out in one of Dave's favorite episodes here:

And our friends Pat Blewett, Lucy and Karensa showed up!
Karensa kept making out with the guy selling t-shirts. Come ON, Karensa!!! Tighten up a little.

Pat Blewett kept trying to make out with me. Lay off already!
Here's some pics that Mega Talent Mark Kraz took from the show...
CSN played here last year!

These folks were real nice. We yapped for awhile. Then I realized it was a school night and booted them out. Let it be known that Jupiter One urges kids to stay in school and NOT to hang around with drunk Panda Bears until all hours of the night.

Oh. And Bryn showed up. More on him tomorrow. He'll be guest starring for a couple days.

I split to catch up with Bryn while Dave and Zac went wild MAN/MACHINING Rosanna Arquette and Fab Moretti until their faces fell off.

Tomorrow Zac's brother Mark is coming! Texans!

~ Panda


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