December 8, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 28)

San Diego ----> Los Angeles, CA (Weirdie)

There we were...

Hungover. Aunt Ryoko knocking on the bedroom doors. "Breakfast is ready!" The smell of bacon in the air... Exactly like we remembered it. It hurt. It was beautiful.

We woke up to the sound of dishes being laid out and eggs cracking... Oh... and the gong pounding in our brains. Zac and I were about to have a very civil sit-down with Uncle Jim and Aunt Ryoko and we would be perfect gentlemen... if we could only pull ourselves together.

We ate. We yapped. We drank quarts of coffee. We looked at art. We got showers. We made plans to get dropped off in a touristy part of San Diego. Meanwhile... in a faraway land... Dave did situps. He had the BLAZE™ and there was no telling how long he would be working on his glutes and pelvs.

Uncle Jim drove us to some wierdo place in San Diego that was like being in an Old West themed amusement park. He treated Zac and I to tacos and a couple beers and sent us on our way. Zac tried to sleep on a bench like a hobo. I convinced him that it was way more classy to drink tequila while the sun was out... like a TRUE hobo.

After a couple he got warm... and the coats started to peel off... ladies: control yourselves...


Dave found us sitting in easy chairs by a fire talking about God-knows-what. It was one of the 3 times on tour he was relegated to driving duty. This is very terrifying and only allowed to happen when Zac and I are sleeping or drunk. Or both. Dave did a very good job. Maybe someday he'll be promoted to Junior Blaze™ Captain.

We saw Aaron Zimmer's van's cousin!

Zac woke up and fought his clothes.

When we got to L.A., Zac went to visit his friends and Dave and I went out to see his friend Sara Radle's band cover a bunch of Fleetwood Mac songs in traditional Fleetwood Mac costumes.

It was really great. They blew our minds. We went to a bar afterward and made sure they didn't blow Dave's ears, too. Jupiter One Hearing Test:::

Dave's head:

Then we snoooooozed. Tomorrow GREEK THEATRE! Can't wait.

~ panda


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