February 12, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 32)

Day Off in San Francisco

(photo by Danielle Honea)

We woke up in Casa De Sex Machine and got some breakfast....Zac was busy dropping off Mark at the airport (byyyye Mark...we miss you!) and we have a million of these flyers so we strategically placed them in the crevices of every known coffee shop in town.

Eventually, the Blaze found it's way to mine and Panda's asses, so we bid Mike a fond farewell and took off for the "Glorious Golden Gate Bridge."

(by the way, that's not rain on the windshield)

This is one of our favorite tour stops and I recently did some research on its history.....

There's an old adage from Babylon circa 395 B.C. that states, and I paraphrase, "When a handsome panda hears the song of a sweet hummingbird,....

...the path to Paradise will present itself."


The omens had spoken...We hopped in the Blaze and headed straight towards our destiny on Paradise Drive!
Through the tunnel...
...we traveled to the other side with bated breath and joyous anticipation to find?????

Oh. Guess we took a wrong turn onto Tamalpais :(

Well, it WAS Halloween night after all.

From here we just drove around till the spirit of the Kensington Wolves brought us safely to Portland, Oregon. But how shall we know when we've arrived??


We were soooooooo pumped to spend Halloween night in Portland. We just KNEW the streets would be filled with creepy, crawly drunkards dressed like crazy people walking in sadness. Mainly cuz that's what Portland ALWAYS looks like to us, but somehow we thought tonight might even be MORE bereft of soundness.

Turns out we didn't make it to the city until 4am...all the bars were closed and we were sad. So we spent Halloween dressed like disappointed musicians drinking cheap vodka from the bottle in a smelly Red Roof hotel room.

trick or treat?



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