February 12, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 33)

Portland, OR (Roseland Theater)

We woke up on the first of November and drove into town looking for sneakers, coffee, and Amy Dubin. This kid tried to take us off the line...
HA! Nice try kid...
Next time make sure you don't have a fat Dad tuggin' you around...we're in the BLAZE damnit! You didn't stand a chance.

Check out this old school 7UP sign!

We got to the Hawthorne area and tried finding some stuff at the Red Light and Buffalo Exchange, but no luck. We also wanted some pancakes from the Cup & Saucer, but the wait was too long, so we went to Noah's Bagels. It was there that we finally DID find something we were looking for....AMY DUBIN!

After we had some breakfast, Amy walked us around to some other stores for the sneaker quest, but it was fruitless.
The cars in Portland made us sigh...
We dropped her off near her "appointment" and headed to the club for load-in. The Roseland Theater is RIGHT across the street from a really cool bar called "Ground Kontrol." It's got a million old school video games!

This game has significant meaning to us cuz all the cup holders in The Blaze are named after a Ninja Turtle. Zac and I were fighting over who has to be Rafael...
each game comes fully equipped...
Needless to say, we almost missed our show...Pat came running back with the order to get on stage
Zac didn't take it very well....
The show must go on! And so does my Spice Girls T-shirt!
That's the world famous awesome head drummer Matt Chamberlain. McKenzie had to get back in the studio with his band MIDLAKE so Matt's playing drums for Regina now. He's the nicest guy ever and we're excited to hang with him!

We played a fun set for a pretty rad crowd and I think my shirt made Pat rock extra hard (on).
He's always had a thing for Baby Spice....I think that's why he likes K so much.

After the show we paid homage to the greatest PBR mural ever...
...and set out to find the most infamous resident of Portland.
This search started and ended at the Jupiter Hotel where we laid our heads to rest. It's the best place to stay in all the wild west and if yer ever in Portland....get a room!



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