January 12, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale

January 6th (Broward CC)
We had a hard time finding the venue on campus until we recognized some old friends...

They were kind enough to show us the way...

We set up our stuff and played a show at noon for all the students in the "SELLING BOOKS" line. We had a second show at 8pm that night so we had some time to kill. Beach Blanket Bingo!

This pic is for Team Bushwick ..how's the weather suckers!

We found the "ACTIVITY AREA!"

Gotta head back for the next show...get ready ladies...Zac's taking a hot shower

Except he forgot his phone was still in his pocket....you can stop getting ready ladies...he won't be calling anytime soon :(

Changing clothes in the Blaze....As usual K was hoping to catch a glimpse of me....

We got back to the college thinking we'd play to a packed house.....

....or not....

....but we don't care....cuz there's free POPCORN!

Pat and K set up a little button booth for all the students walking by.....they kept asking us where the Science Building or Math Department is....one girl even asked us if she could have some Hot Chocolate?!

We played the second set and got to meet some new friends of Peggy's...(Vicky, Daryl, and Chiemi)....

We convinced them all to follow us to DIVE BAR. They had an OPEN MIC that night and we decided to get real drunk and crash it....when we got back to the van we found all these stray cats lurking in the shadows like Sand People....those little lights are their eyes....

At Dive Bar we all had some drinks and just before we got on stage K mistook Pat's finger for a mozarella stick.....

...actually Pat was just beasting his bass too hard. Most guys would stop playing, but this is Panda...he's an animal.

Thanks for coming to all 3 shows Peggy and Vicky!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool man Nice pics...

The guitar one are like most of all..

I am very please to say you to share the feeling and emotion with us...

Thank You...

Sean Cruz
Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

June 21, 2009 at 8:19 PM  

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